Tancred King of Sicily

Tancred was King of Sicily from 1189 to 1194, the year he died at the age of 56.

His father, Roger III was Duke of Apulia and was the eldest son of King Roger
II. Tancred inherited the title Count of Lecce from his grandfather, and is often referred to as
Tancred of Lecce.

Tancred was crowned King Tancred I after seizing control of Sicily in a coup that was backed by some noble families.

Tancred had to often walk a tightrope during his rule and hold his position, at times, through negotiation with the likes of Richard I of England and King Philip II of France. This was followed by threats to his rule from Henry and Constance who claimed the Kingdom of Sicily as their own after they were crowned Holy Roman Emperor and Empress by Pope Celestine III.

His reign as a King of Sicily was relatively short but turbulent.

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