The World According To Tancredi

We have the ambitious goal of scouring the web, shuffling through books and documents, sorting piles of photograph, reading blogs and emails, all to capture, synthesise and publish in one massive online tome, the works of Tancredi, or, in it’s various guises of Tancred, Tancrède, etc.

This will be a living document (hopefully bilingual) that will evolve progressively as we add what we can find from History, Science, Entertainment, Mythology, Genealogy, Folklore and whatever else we can extract from the entrails of  world knowledge of il nostro cognome.

With the help of the thousands of proud Tancredis out there, who we encourage to participate and contribute, we will build a repository of information and a central source to all those interested in the name Tancredi.

Tell us what you think!

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  1. Great page, keep me posted.

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